Hello and welcome to my site! I have been translating for the past 17 years and I translate from English, Spanish, and Portuguese into French.

After completing a ¬´ MaˆÆtrise de Langues ˆ©trangˆ®res appliquˆ©es ¬ª (French equivalent to an M.A. in English and Spanish applied to international business) and an M.A. in Bilingual Translation from the University of Westminster, I spent two and a half years working as a project manager for The Xenofile Group, a translation agency in London. My time there allowed me to reinforce in a real world environment my linguistic, I.T. and organisational skills and I set up as a freelance translator in 1998. My first freelance project was the complete translation of a 120,000-word script for Discworld Noir, a video game developed in the UK by Perfect Entertainment and published by GT Interactive. For the past fifteen years I’Äôve worked in a variety of areas of translation and I have developped a strong relationship with my clients including SDL, the BBC, Babel Media and 3B Productions in Paris. I have discovered the multiple facets of this wonderful job, and I have evolved with it.

I am particularly aware of the cultural and linguistic differences of France, England, Spain, and Portugal having grown up in France, where I completed my first M.A., and having lived in London for 19 years. I also spent some time living in Spain and have visited Portugal regularly since childhood. Curious about everything and always eager to learn new things, I love the diversity of my job. I mainly work in the fields of marketing, scripts and synopsis, culture and audiovisual, and a wide range of technical documentation for both direct clients and translation agencies. I have been a full professional member of the ITI since 2002.